Delphi has a global footprint, and found a partner in Alabama with ARD.

The best manufacturing processes incorporate a continuous improvement philosophy. Better processes lead to better outcomes. Delphi chose ARD to optimize their process of supplying products for a major automotive OEM, seeking a more efficient and effective pick and delivery process. The ARD team developed solutions that reduced headcount by 72%, improved inventory accuracy, and reduced floor space by 67%. Read about how ARD rose to the challenge and created other savings for Delphi.

At Mercedes-Benz, it's, "the best or nothing.” That’s why Grupo Antolin partnered with ARD to assemble and deliver their modular headliners.

ARD is not only a provider, but a partner to the companies we support. Each Mercedes-Benz is specialized and custom designed in sequence at the Alabama facility. So, when Grupo Antolin was awarded headliner manufacturing business, they needed a partner that could accommodate their complex modular assembly requirements. Since taking on that business, ARD has provided guidance to the customer in the use of MBUSI IT infrastructure, inventory control and transportation systems; deployed web interface for part usage visibility; and achieved a 99,89% delivery accuracy year over year. Read about the challenges Grupo encountered, the solutions we developed, and the results achieved for this world-class, luxury component manufacturer.

ARD supplied a solution that allowed for storage of up to 2640 parts per day.

ARD’s job is to ease the process of getting inventory from the manufacturer to their point of use, and we are invested in the success of our customers’ supply chains. When a customer needed to move their operation from Mexico to within 12 miles of the OEM operation, ARD supplied a solution that allowed for storage of up to 2640 parts per day and provided an automated system with error proofing technology for added quality assurance.