ARD supplied a solution that allowed for storage of up to 2640 parts per day.


Manufacturer located in Mexico. Therefore, transit time exceeds delivery window driven by OEM assembly operations.

Provide location with 12 miles of OEM for sequencing operations.

The content of each harness is unique and specific to each vehicle.

Vehicle can not be built unless harness is confirmed at the sequence center to ensure plant won’t shut down.

Two hour delivery window upon receipt of broadcast checkpoint.


The Ways We Solved those Problems

Develop Automated Storage Retrieval System which interfaces to MRP system and is driven based off of customer checkpoints.

System efficiencies and process cycle time developed to meet requirements of 2 hour broadcast window.

Insured manual mode fail over contingency in place to prevent downtime on the event of equipment failure.


The Ways the Client Benefitted

Delphi provided with visibility to body start checkpoint 8 days in advance to start the JIT building schedule.

Constructed ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) which allows for storage of up to 2640 per day.

Broadcast checkpoint is received at 3PL two hours prior to vehicle installation. Parts are automatically retrieved by the ASRS and dropped to a conveyor for loading.