About GAA

Excellence - It's what we do.

What We Do

GAA understands what you want in a World-Class 3PL. An outsourcing partner that provides excellent services at the right place, at the right time - every time. We stand behind our promises, and we deliver.

We can help you keep your customers happy while freeing you up to scale your operation, providing the reliability you can count on, the flexibility you need, and the ability to become more effective and efficient while saving precious time and increasing profitability.

Whether you need to reduce inventory, decrease labor-intensive projects, employ Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery, build in safety protocols or a whole host of customizable solutions, we provide all this and more in a streamlined fashion with full visibility through advanced technology, innovation and creative solutions.


To Be the Industry Leader, Globally Recognized for Effective & Efficient Solutions.


To Provide Innovative Customer Solutions Delivering Quality, Excellence & Speed.

Core Values



Respect for People

Fair & Equitable Treatment

Personal Accountability

Commitment to Excellence

GAA Companies Overview

GAA Family of Companies - Overview

GAA delivers a full suite of world-class 3PL services and access to our global network through our family of companies, including ARD Logistics, Key Logistics Solutions (KLS) and VITEC.

GAA Culture of Exellence

Culture of Excellence - Overview

Our culture is centered on our team members, our customers and our communities. We're committed to being an employer of choice, a supportive partner to our customers and an engaging, supportive force in our communities.

GAA History Overview

Our History - Overview

GAA started 23 years ago as the vision of William F. Pickard, Ph.D. - and has grown into a diverse family of companies delivering world-class 3PL services and unique solutions to a roster of global brands.

GAA Safety Overview

Safety - Overview

At GAA, safety is our overriding priority. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and injury-free environment - and we're continuously working to maintain the highest safety standards across the board.

GAA Leadership Overview

Leadership - Overview

At GAA, leadership is part of who we are and how we operate. Our experienced, diverse Leadership Team is dedicated to understanding what our customers really care about - and delivering results.

Award-Winning Performance

Throughout our 23-year history, we have received numerous awards and recognition for the exceptional work our team members do for our customers every day. Our people are at the heart of GAA's success and proven ability to out-perform the competition and deliver better solutions year after year after year.


SRMSDC Supplier of the Year 2020

ARD Logistics


CVMSDC Supplier of the Year

Winner - 2017, 2013 & 2008
Nominee - 2014


SRMSDC Supplier of the Year 2012

ARD Logistics


Delphi "Above & Beyond" Award 2012

ARD Logistics


GSA Contract #GS10F0057T