Integrated IT Systems

GAA operates with full integration within our own systems and using our customers' systems. The determination of system integration is made with input from our IT experts and customer requirements to develop the most robust and cost-effective custom solution available.

Through continuous innovation, GAA has spent countless amounts of time, capital and effort to develop robust, redundant and flexible IT solutions. Currently, our fully-integrated WMS, MRP/ERP, EDI, Inventory Management, MES and Accounting System are operating in multiples sites and supporting many customers.

GAA invests painstaking effort and care in developing Value-Added steps that can be integrated into our logistics solutions to ensure the proper part custody is always maintained and appropriate tracking is available through the use of technologically advanced systems so that everything is delivered to the right place at the right time - each and every time.

Technology such as RFID, laser etching, serialized part ID, BOM part number association, automatic dimensioning systems and other techniques are used to ensure efficient and effective flow of material is maintained and data integration is achieved in every GAA location. Communication of data through traditional EDI, direct integration, FTP, OFTP and other secure means of communication are used in cubing, weighing and scanning system integration to produce maximized output and effective use of space and movement.

GAA system solutions are catered to each customer's needs and system interfaces, including SAP, QAD, AM Supply, AS400, Red Prairie, Oracle and many other top-tier systems.