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Contract Assembly

Technology-Driven & Quality Ensured

GAA is driven by world-class standards for quality, efficiency and safety. That's why you can confidently partner with us and gain peace of mind in knowing we deliver on every part, every time, right on time.

Governed by comprehensive certified quality control processes, GAA provides Modular Systems Assembly and Subassembly services that reduce overhead/costs, increase efficiency and meet unique assembly requirements using:

  • Technology-Driven, Efficient Processes
  • Well-Trained, Consistently-Staffed Assembler Teams
  • ISO/IATF Certified & Six Sigma Driven
  • Lean Operations Philosophy
  • Quality Workmanship Ensured
  • Continuous Improvement Processes

We have the established core competencies, the infrastructure in place and the state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical error-proofing in place to reliably to produce a top-quality product every time. GAA provides custom solutions in:

  • Modular Assembly
  • Modular In Sequence Assembly
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Subassembly

We can also help keep your supply chain simple - as we offer a full suite of complementary services we can custom-design to provide the comprehensive solution needed to deliver for your business.

Mercedes Benz Snapshot

We are proud of our longstanding customer relationships with brands who set the world standard for quality. So it's our focus on quality, consistency and responsive service that sets us apart.

We build in sequence and ship finished assemblies, including:

  • 220 component items
  • 400 finish good parts numbers
  • 1,380 mirrors per day
  • Trucks ship every 45 min.
  • Broadcast to install time is 4 hours
GAA Team

The GAA Family of Companies brings together a diverse group of sharp thinkers. Curious, creative leaders who understand the power of the supply chain. Individually, each company does exceptional work. Together, we offer so much more.

GAA Certified MBE

As an MBE with a robust "Diversity and Inclusion" program, our culture fuels our approach to problem-solving. We not only help fulfill your commitment to diversity, we also engineer better solutions and provide the customer-centered, responsive service that makes a big difference. This is who we are - and part of the reason we stand out.