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ARD Logistics is an end-to-end third-party logistics (3PL) company providing assembly, freight and logistics services to global multinational companies - helping them operate more efficiently and profitably.

ARD Logistics has a global network of resources to meet your supply chain opportunities and rise to any challenge. The roster of well-known, global brands we service reflects our track record of success and the breadth of services we successfully perform.

While we are compliant in the most current process and supply chain certifications, we tailor each solution to the exact supply chain challenge your company faces. We are industry agnostic, from Aerospace to Pharmaceuticals and beyond, our dedicated, passionate employees will address your challenge with proven solutions.

ARD is the company you want making your supply chain more efficient and effective.

Find Us Everywhere You Are

The commerce of moving physical goods covers every area around the globe. ARD, through our global network of resources, can move these physical goods in the most efficient, cost-effective way to fit your company.

ARD is prepared to provide logistics at any location, at any time.

ARD Serves Many Industries

Aerospace Services
Automotive Services
Consumer Retail Services
Consumer Retail
Government Services
Governmental/ Municipality
Aerospace Services
Pharma Services

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Spending to build and maintain warehouses to hold inventory can tie up large amounts of your company's capital and resources. You can rely on ARD and our global network of warehouse space to help your company with its inventory needs. Leveraging our millions of square feet of space will make your supply chain more efficient and allow your financial capital to be more productive.

Whether your warehouse needs encompass multiple locations globally or are confined to one geographic area, ARD has the resources and solutions to address your specific situation, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.

Supply Chain Technology
Contract Assembly
Process Improvement

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