GAA serves many sectors.

Consumer Retail
Food & Beverage
Health Care


An effective supply chain is one that keeps inventory moving so that it's delivered where it needs to be at the right time. GAA has warehouse facilities around the world, with millions of square feet of space available. Our warehouse management systems are second to none, allowing us to deliver world-class warehouse solutions to our customers. Long-term inventory storage or frequent inventory turnover, GAA has the scope, scale and reach to maximize your supply chain.

Freight Forwarding

GAA has global resources to ensure that your freight moves to its destination and is fully accounted for along the entire supply chain. Our team of specialists will monitor your shipment across all modes of travel while addressing the regulatory details that arise during transportation.

Contract Assembly

Your business operates better when focusing on your strongest tasks. With our contract assembly services, GAA can help your business maximize its capital, creating a better return on investment and more flexibility. Our continuous improvement processes, ISO and Six Sigma certifications ensure that tasks will be done efficiently and at the highest quality.

Contract Logistics

The supply chain is linked globally, and every company needs global resources for the efficient movement of goods and products. GAA has a network of nearly 350 logistics facilities in strategic locations totaling nearly 9 million square feet to reliably handle your inventory.


Locating cost competitive sources can be the difference between profitability or break even for your company or product. Using industry best practices, GAA can play a key role in locating, qualifying and managing manufacturing sources your company relies on for its competitive advantage.

Quality Control

To assure quality every time, we test products and parts to uncover defects and ensure no irregular parts are released. As a 3PL that has been able to meet such standards at every turn, we improve and stabilize production in order to minimize future issues. With provided expert engineering support, GAA can guarantee clients comprehensive quality control to assist you in developing parts to meet your needs and solve the quality issues you face.