Integrating robotics into logistics increases the speed and accuracy of supply chain processes and reduces human error. Robots offer more uptime and increase productivity.

GAA manages and runs many precise and critical processes within our overall operations. These crucial characteristics require robotic automation to ensure adherence to strict standards. Accurate, high-quality placement of components is essential in the manufacture of safety critical and general modular assemblies. A wide variety of our customers' modular assemblies have complex variations with numerous patterns and component part proliferations. In this, flexibility and repeatability are essential, and they're achieved by use of robotics to eliminate human error and maximize efficiency.

The methods of creating solutions at GAA - with high-velocity and advanced robotics technology, such as vision systems and force sensing - mean more of these than ever are suitable for robotic automation. Whether in our waterjet cutting, glue path application, hic foam placement or other component assembly, robotics has allowed us to take our customer solutions to the next level and beyond.

For more than a decade, GAA has used robotics in our award-winning solutions - driven by our philosophy to create a standard platform and implement many of these tactics to gain the economy of scale, manage part complexity and increase reliability. As one of the early adopters of robotics, the automotive industry has long been one of the quickest and largest users of industrial robotic technology, and GAA is continuing this pattern of innovation and success.