Case Studies


Industry: Aerospace
Solution: Warehousing/Value-Added Services
GAA Company: Key Logistics Solutions

Unique Solution:

Created Viz-Trac System, Integrated with Boeing to Help Support a Production Rate Increase from 8 to 12 Aircraft/per month with No Increased Floor Space

Key Logistics Solutions (KLS) - part of the GAA Solutions family of companies - has been working with Boeing for 12 years. Boeing is a worldwide leader in the aerospace industry and, as you can imagine, quality and attention to detail are paramount. There is simply zero room for error.



Boeing needed a production control and integrated system for Powerfeed setup operation to predict tool requirements and capital investments in support of variances of production demand.

The incumbent 3PL was not integrated into the Boeing production system and operated in a reactive capacity. They did not closely control the inventory of drill motors and cutters, which resulted in stock outs and production interruptions. They also had no method to predict drill motor and cutter needs and production rate increased as a result. Finally, they had an inefficient drill motor setup process and a total lack of proactive continuous improvement program to drive down costs.

Solution Highlights

  • Implemented Standardized Work Instructions & Metrics to Monitor/Drive Productivity
  • Created Viz-Trac System Integrated with Boeing Production Systems to Provide Forward Visibility of Setup & Tool Inventory Requirements
  • Developed Database of Tool Requirements Relative to Production Rates to Allow Forecasting
  • Reorganized Powerfeed Tool Cribs for Effective Use of Space to Support Program Growth within Existing Footprint
  • Completed Tool Shadow Boards & Full 5S of the Powerfeed Tool Cribs


  • Production Rate Increased from 8 to 12 Aircraft/per month with No Increased Floor Space
  • Viz-Trac System:

    • Allows us to Forecast People & Equipment Needs as Production Rate Varies
    • Gives us the Ability to Forecast Inventory Needs by "Ship Set" which
    • Drives Down Inventory to Deliver Just-In-Time
    • Provides Visibility to Know How we are Performing At-a-Glance