Case Studies

U.S. Marine Corp

Industry: Governmental/Municipalities
Solution: Warehousing
GAA Company: ARD Logistics

Unique Solution:

Created Tracking, Data Collection, Traceability, Web Interface & Enabled Reliable Visibility to Command Structure

The U.S. Marine Corp faced a specific, complex set of challenges. Asset traceability was not consistent among MSCs. Visibility to the command structure was not available for deployed assets at all - and assets were being lost, broken and/or not tracked. Finally, there was no "Repairs/Replacement/Return" structure in place for systems in Garrison and deployed. In short, they had no way to keep track of assets and ensure quality throughout the process.

US Marine Corps


ARD Logistics - part of the GAA Family of Companies - was selected to help MBUSI reduce the takt time of their car assembly A1 from 180 to 138 seconds per vehicle. ARD managed the current shopping cart cell, staffed with six team members, which had to be designed and restaffed to meet this goal.

The previous process required multiple material moves across a major traffic aisle, these were considered highly-congested moves. Every step of the process needed to be scrutinized in order to create a better way and significantly reduce taky time.

Solution Highlights

The U.S. Marine Corp chose ARD Logistics - part of the GAA Solutions family of companies - to step in and address all these issues with innovative, customized solutions, including:

  • Deployed a Logistics Team to be Based on Organic Units to Provide Support, Spare Parts Inventory Management & Warranty Returns
  • Developed Serialized Tracking System for All Assets
  • Integrated Visibility to Command on Location, Status & Condition of All Serialized Assets


  • Serialized Inventory Tracking Allows Failure Data to be Collected for Each Item
  • Failure Codes Attached to Inventory Transaction for Traceability
  • Replacement Parts can be Ordered from Web Interface
  • Warranty Returns can be Initiated from Web Interface
  • System Kit Component Information Available on Web Interface